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Website Hosting & Domain Name

Why do you need a Web Host?

Web hosting means storing your web site on a public server.
Whilst web pages are designed and developed on a single computer, they must be transferred to a server, or host, so that they are available to the rest of the world over the internet. A host is a computer that has a constant, high speed connection to the Internet.

Uptime and Reliability

At Sound-byte we use only top of the line, custom-built Intel and AMD servers. The security, stability, and reliability of these security-hardened servers is passed on to you as a direct benefit.

The network is monitored and maintained 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The server and network uptime is well in excess of 99.9%. Your data is backed up daily to ensure full recovery in the event of a disaster.

Free hosting space?

Whilst there is plenty of free hosting space available from internet service providers, we do not advise clients take this option. The services provided are generally inadequate, pages can be slow to download, there is usually a restriction on your choice of domain name. This can portray an unprofessional image.

Why do I require a Domain Name?

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the way that Internet domain names are located and translated into Internet Protocol addresses. A domain name is a meaningful and easy-to-remember “handle” for an Internet address. The unique name that identifies a website e.g. ‘www.yourcompanyname.com’

Choosing a Domain Name?

We can advise you on choosing a Domain Name. There are several points to consider. The name should be fairly easy to remember and not too long. One that is relevant to your company perhaps, or can increase your chances of being ranked by the search engines or both. Once you’ve decided on the name we can register this for you. If that particular name is already taken, we can help to find a suitable alternative.

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